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Untitled Artist Unknown


This is my favorite piece in our collection at Turtle Cove. I bought it from another dealer who simply could tell me nothing about it. Stand there for a minute and just stare at this painting. You can tell that it’s a scene of a Mediterranean manor reminiscent of Claude Monet’s “The Parc Monceau, Paris”.

The use of color in this painting is simply exquisite. I would have displayed this painting in another part of the house, but there was no appropriate spot, so it got its own wall at the top of the stairs.

As an antiques dealer, I am pretty good at determining the age of a piece., however paintings can be very difficult. I can tell you that this painting is on wood and not canvas. The wood, in fact, is very old, and not distressed to look old. The painting itself is significantly crackled which will happen more often on wood. I do know that a crackle can be faked, however there is no indication to me that this painting has been faked. Sadly, it is also unsigned.

I got it at a dealer’s wholesale price. I am going to pass some of that savings on to the buyer who will appreciate the painting for what it is.


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